Andrés Faíña

I am an Assistant Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have received the M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in industrial engineering from the University of A Coruña, Spain, in 2006 and 2011, respectively. I have co-founded Flow Robotics (, a start-up that produces flexible and user-friendly liquid handling robots for automation of pipetting tasks in laboratories.

My interests include modular and self-reconfigurable robotics, evolutionary robotics, mobile robotics, liquid-handling robots and electronic and mechanical design.

Andres Faina Rodriguez-Vila

Selected Projects




Emerge modular robot

Edhmor (Evolutionary Designer of Heterogeneous Modular Robots)



HoRoSim (Holistic Robotic Simulator) allows you to simulate physical devices controlled by Arduino code.

Fritzing Simulator allows to simulate circuits in a breadboard.

Automating the Incremental Evolution of Controllers for Physical Robots

Selected Publications

  • Andrés Faíña, Lars Toft Jacobsen and Sebastian Risi, “Automating the Incremental Evolution of Controllers for Physical Robots”, In Artificial Life, Volume 23, Issue 2, p.142-168, 2017. (pdf)
  • Andrés Faiña, Farzad Nejatimoharrami, Kasper Stoy, Pavlina Theodosiou, Benjamin Taylor and Ioannis Ieropoulos, “EvoBot: An Open-Source, Modular Liquid Handling Robot for Nurturing Microbial Fuel Cells”, In proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference (ALIFE), pp.  626-633, 2016. (pdf)

  • A. Faiña, F. Bellas, F. Orjales, D. Souto, R.J. Duro, “An evolution friendly modular architecture to produce feasible robots”, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Volume 63, Part 2, January 2015, Pages 195-205, ISSN 0921-8890, (pdf).
  • A Faíña, F Bellas, F López-Peña, RJ Duro, “EDHMoR: Evolutionary designer of heterogeneous modular robots”, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 26 (10), pp. 2408-2423, 2013. (pdf)
  • A. Faíña, D. Souto, F. Orjales, F. Bellas and R.J. Duro, “Towards feasible virtual creatures by using modular robots”, Workshop on Modular and Swarm Systems in IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Robots and Intelligent Systems, Chicago 2014. (pdf)
  • A Faina, D Souto, A Deibe, F Lopez-Pea, RJ Duro, X Fernández, “Development of a climbing robot for grit blasting operations in shipyards”, International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2009.
  • D Souto, A Faina, F Lopez-Pena, RJ Duro, “Lappa: A new type of robot for underwater non-magnetic and complex hull cleaning” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2013 , pp. 3409-3414.
  • F Bellas, RJ Duro, A Faiña, D Souto, “Multilevel darwinist brain (mdb): Artificial evolution in a cognitive architecture for real robots”, IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development,  2 (4), pp. 340-354.


email: anfv (at) itu (dot) dk

telephone: +45 7218 5258