Hajira Jabeen


Short Bio

Hajira Jabeen is an Assistant lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen. She received her PhD degree in computer Science from National University of Computing and Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Her research interests includes Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Data Mining and Machine Learning.



Selected Publication

  • Hajira Jabeen and A. R. Baig, “DepthLimited Crossover in Genetic Programming for Classifier Evolution.” Computers in Human Behaviour, 2010.
  • Hajira Jabeen and A. R. Baig, “Two Layered Genetic Programming for Mixed Variable Data Classification.” Applied Soft Computing, 2012.
  • Hajira Jabeen and A. R. Baig, “Two-Stage Learning for Multi-Class Classification using Genetic Programming”, Neurocomputing, 2013.


email: hjab (at) itu (dot) dk

telephone: +45-60124500