Pei Yin-Ling


Pei Yin-Ling is a research assistant at the Hybrid Matters programme.

She has an MA in Design Interactions, at the Royal College of Art and BSc Life Science, and a minor in Computer Science and Cultural Studies in National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. She combines science and human society and uses artistic methods to reflect on the underlying cultural differences and connotations, as well as human hidden desires.

Pei is the founder of Taiwanese BioArt community in Taiwan. Taiwanese BioArt Community is an artistic project for observing and provoking Taiwanese perspective of art and science as well as a platform for interdisciplinary conversation and collaborations. Pei wants to modify design methodologies for philosophical discourse and cultural studies. In other words, she is looking for ways to turn design into a cultural probe that asks individual questions to produce diverse answers.​


email: peil (at) itu (dot) dk