Jonas Jørgensen

Jonas is an art historian specialized in contemporary art and 20th century art, with a focus on the historical and neo-avant-gardes, conceptual art, and participatory art. Besides his training in art history (BA and MA), which he received at the University of Copenhagen and Columbia University, he has a background in electrical engineering and a BSc in physics.

His current research primarily focuses on historical and contemporary artistic uses of robotic technology and practice-based exploration of robotic and biological system interactions in an aesthetic context. At ITU he is also teaching, most recently the course “Digital Experience and Aesthetics” (together with Associate Prof. Susana Tosca) under the Digital Media and Design programme.

Selected publications

Beloff, L. & Jørgensen, J. The Condition: Towards Hybrid Agency 2016 ISEA 2016 Hong Kong CULTURAL R>EVOLUTION: Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art. School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, s. 14-19 6 s. (ISEA 2016 Proceedings).

Jørgensen, J. “Mimetic Entanglement and Other Anthropocentric Myths in Ian Ingram’s Next Animals”, in: Stina Marie Hasse Jørgensen and Ian Ingram (eds.): Ian Ingram. Next Animals. Copenhagen: Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2015. Online:

Jørgensen, J. “Social praksis for robotter, dyr og mennesker”, KUNSTEN.NU, January 13 2015, Online:, 2014

Jørgensen, J. “’How to use the market to circulate a more interesting product’. Post-growth issues in the art of Tino Sehgal”. Paper presented at the Organizing for the post-growth economy conference held at CBS (Copenhagen Business School), 8-9 May 2014.

Jørgensen, J. “Drømmer androider om elektriske malerier?: Om at bruge robotter i billedkunstundervisningen”, in: Tegn. Tidsskrift for kunst og design, nr. 2., 2014.

Jørgensen, J. “A book can tell a story, but can a piece of wood? (Im)material history and aestheticization in Ulrik Weck’s Found series”, in: Ulrik Weck and Jonas Jørgensen (eds.), Ulrik Weck. Found. Revolver Publishing by Vice Versa, Berlin, 2011.

Jørgensen, J. “’In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary’ – Om æstetiseringstendensen og det hverdagslige”, in: Æstetiseringen af hverdagslivet, publication from the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, 2010.


Professional affiliations

Since 2014 Jonas has been a participant in the research network ROCA (Robot Culture and Aesthetics) hosted by the University of Copenhagen (



Email: jjoe(at)itu(dot)dk

Tel: +45 7218 5392