Rosemary Lee is an artist and media theorist whose work investigates interrelations between technologies and processes of natural science, manifesting complex webs linking machines, living things and the environments which they inhabit. Working from themes including media geology, hybrid ecology and posthumanism, her research brings together hybrid influences from conceptual art, philosophy of media, science, IT and literature. A selection of notable exhibition projects include A New We (Kunsthall Trondheim, Norway, 2017), Hybrid Matters (Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016), Artifacts (Palais des Beaux Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2015), and TRANSSPECIES (Dome of Visions, Denmark, 2015). Lee has also participated as artist and researcher in residence in Biophilia: Nocturne Research Residency (Ontario, Canada, 2017), rural.scapes laboratory in residence (São José do Barreiro, Brazil, 2016), and the transmediale Vilém Flusser Archive Residency for Artistic Research (Berlin, Germany, 2014).

Upcoming Presentations

  • machines will watch us die, Exhibition (April 2018) & Symposium (June 2018), Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • Radical Relevances conference, Aalto University, Finland, April 2018


email: rosl (at) itu (dot) dk

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