Meet the scientist

Meet the Scientist: Robotics

The robots are taking over Copenhagen!


Meet the Scientist is a forum allowing experts from the Association of Spanish Researchers Abroad to get together with European research institutions and bring complex scientific topics closer to the general public and scientists from other fields. At this event at ITU, we will discuss the emerging field of robotics with scientists from Germany and Denmark.

Science fiction books and movies have shown all kinds of imaginable robots, and almost all of them are becoming reality. Nowadays, drones delivering packages, self-driving cars, robot vacuum cleaners and robotic pets can be already found in our everyday lives or in research labs.

Let us show you amazing robots that will become available in the near future.


18:00 – Darío Vázquez (Chairman of CED) and Guillermo Orts-Gil (Science Coordinator at the Embassy of Spain, Berlín): Connecting European research and society through scientific association.

18:10 – Andrés Faíña Rodríguez-Vila (Researcher at the IT University of Copenhagen): How to automatically design a robot and build it in few hours

18:25 – Kasper Støy (Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen): Artificial chemical life sustained by a reactive liquid handling robot

18:40 – Jose de Gea Fernández (Researcher at German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence): Autonoumous Robots at DFKI: from ocean depths to space exploration

18:55 – Q&A and robot demo

The event is organized by the Society of Spanish Researchers in Denmark in cooperation with ITU. Please register for free here.