Rosemary Lee’s Molten Media

Molten Media at “machines will watch us die”

Rosemary Lee’s research and art project, Molten Media, will be presented in the exhibition “machines will watch us die” at The Holden Gallery in Manchester. Molten Media has been a 5-year investigation into deep-time and ecological relationships between technology and the earth. “machines will watch us die” is on view from the 9th of April to the 11th of May, 2018.

In the exhibition, a feeling of nostalgia for the technological past is combined with a sense of anxiety for an unknown future. The artists share a set of concerns that relates digital decay to themes of consumerism, obsolescence, loss and failure. Throughout the show, the boundariesbetween the material and the immaterial are constantly questioned to reveal the impermanence of all things digital and show how digital decay is shaping future archaeological scenarios for the digital culture of our time.

“machines will watch us die” is curated by Patrizia Costantin as part of a PhD in Curatorial Practice at Manchester School of Art.