Soft Robotics

Soft robotics is a growing field of research, which focuses on soft and compliant materials that are designed to replace some or all of the traditional rigid parts conventionally used in robotics. Soft material properties such as elasticity can be beneficial for many different robotic applications and allow for full body actuation and delicate object handling. Soft structures may also give robots more organic appearances and are generally considered safer in human-robot interactions. Materials such as silicone rubbers allow movements to become more fluid and organically expressive and have soft surfaces that can be reminiscent of human or animal skin to the touch.
In recent years, soft robotics has become a field of inquiry for possible applications within areas as diverse as eldercare, prostheses, surgery, rescue operations, and wearable technology. However, currently most of the development is taking place within technical research projects and initiatives. In the REAL research group at ITU we are experimenting with soft morphologies and IT in relation to ideas that traverse the sciences and the arts.
Persons involved:  Laura Beloff, Jonas Jørgensen
Students: Sofie Glerup Larsen