Artificial Life & Evolutionary Robotics: Theory, Methods and Art

The primary goal of the course is to allow the students to understand the foundation and philosophical basis of artificial life, its methods, and their practical use in games, robotics, and art.

This interdisciplinary course is open across study-lines and disciplines. 

The course will partially cover the following list of topics:

  • Philosophical perspectives on the nature of life and the possibility of artificial life
  • Soft artificial life (Cellular automata, Artificial Evolution, Neutral Networks, Neuroevolution, NEAT / HyperNEAT, Generative and Developmental Systems, CPPNs, HyperNEAT, L-Systems)
  • Hard artificial life (Artificial life robots, Evolutionary robotics, the reality gap, Co-evolution bodies and brains)
  • Collective Intelligence (Swarm robotics, Evolution of communication, Cellular robot systems, Self-organizing and self-reproducing systems
  • Wet artificial life (Artificial chemical life)
  • The use of artificial life in design and art


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