Robotics, Evolution and Art Laboratory

The vision of the lab is to do research on the border between fiction and fact, to create new, feasible scenarios for the society of tomorrow. The lab has an interdisciplinary experimental practice. The lab will conceptually explore what-if scenarios with artistic projects as well as conduct fundamental science and engineering to work towards realization of these scenarios. Academically, the group is rooted in the arts, robotics, artificial life and evolutionary computation, but generally the research agenda is driven by opportunities arising both within the science and art & design communities.


  • Through art explore new potentialities emerging from the development of science and technology
  • Develop commercially viable products and solutions
  • Develop human-in-the-loop design methodologies based on artificial evolution and artificial intelligence
  • Develop technology that enables new applications of robotics typically with a focus on empowerment and accessibility

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Is cognition a universal feature of the living world? How can we define it? Is a nervous system needed? If so, why? If not, why not? Check the Theme Issue of @RSocPublishing led by @drmichaellevin and co. on Basal Cognition

#RUR (Rossum's Universal Robots)
🟨 science fiction play by the Czech writer #KarelČapek
🟨 premiered on 25 Jan 1921 in #Prague
🟨 introduced the word #robot to the world

👉Theme of #ALIFE2021 conference in Prague:
"#Robots: The century past and the century ahead"

General question to the @alifeofficial community. What is 'fundamentally' different about Reservoir Computing when it is done in hardware vs. when simulated in software? Pointers greatly appreciated. @AlifePapers

Our paper "Player-AI Interaction: What Neural Network Games Reveal About AI as Play" was accepted at #CHI2021!

Core finding: AI as play can expand current notions of human-AI interaction, which are currently predominantly productivity-based.


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